Dragon Boat Awareness Ribbon Water Bottle


A perfect water bottle for paddle practice.

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This is a water bottle you will want to carry with you every day. It’s important to stay hydrated…especially when training for a race.  I was drawn to this particular water bottle because it is glass so you can decrease the toxins in your life. This also makes it ideal for adding essential oils. It is a perfect size (16 oz); easy to carry or tuck into your bag.  It holds the perfect amount for about 1 1/2 hours of training. The lid locks and the seal doesn’t let the liquid leak out so you can toss it on the floor of the boat.  The handle holds the bottle in place and out of the water in the bottom of the boat when paddling. The glass part of the bottle is protected by the outer layer so it is nearly indestructible. The parts are recyclable and replaceable.  


Why should you drink from a glass bottle over a plastic or metal one?

You don’t have to worry about toxins in plastic, like BPA, which is a weak synthetic estrogen. Many women have estrogen driven cancers. You also won’t have to worry about other harmful chemicals that can leach into liquids from plastic bottles, or heavy metals that can leach from metal bottles. Also, beverages just taste better coming out of glass.

The cap and base are a food-grade polymer and the outer shell is made from a highly durable BPA-free plastic. 

Because of the double wall construction, this bottle will help keep your drink cooler than single walled bottles. The glass on the inside can experience condensation, but the outer plastic shell will not because the ‘sweat’ or condensation will be trapped inside the protective outer shell. This keeps things clean and dry! 

It is perfect for essential oils.  You can add them to your water without the worry that compounds in the oils are dissolving the plastic bottle.

This bottle is great for hot and cold liquids and the glass portion can be placed in the freezer to be ‘chilled’ like a beer mug. The glass portion is also dishwasher-safe.

If you drop your water bottle and the glass does break, the broken glass will remain inside the protective outer shell.

All of the parts on this bottle are covered by a FREE lifetime replacement program. Please contact me HERE if you need to take advantage of this program. All of our water bottles have been registered for this program.

Additional parts in different colors and other accessories can be purchased directly from the company’s website. Please click here if you would like to purchase an additional water bottle or any parts directly from the company at a 10% discount (This is an affiliate link. If you purchase directly from this link, I earn a small commission at no cost to you).


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