Patti – Custom Cancer Awareness Button


Wear your support every day.

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When you show her YOU are ready to be there for her, she will feel more ready to go through this herself. After all, that is what support is all about. The cancer awareness ribbons on these buttons (or pins) are in the shape of the ‘R,’ spelling out that you are Ready to Rally for your loved one.

A button is a way you can show your support and raise awareness every day.  It is an up-to-date version of the popular silicone cancer wristbands of years past.

You can personalize these 1.25-inch laminated awareness ribbon pins by simply writing your loved one’s name on it with a permanent marker of any color*. They would be a fun idea for passing around to friends and family, or to her coworkers. They could be worn on your clothing or pinned to a bag or purse.

Buy a lot of them and use them as a fundraiser!

*Note – You don’t have to feel intimidated to write on these laminated buttons with a permanent marker.  The marker can easily be wiped off by using rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball or using a foam sponge eraser.


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