Small Silver Square Dragon Boat Crossed Paddles Necklace


Hold the boat!

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For the fire-breathing paddler you are!

It looks adorable all by itself and also can be worn layered with other favorites.  The  charm is artfully designed with fine silver precious metal clay that is stamped with crossed dragon boat paddles. It is just barely 1/2-inch in diameter (12 mm – smaller than a dime) and hangs on a 17-inch silver-filled chain.  

Each necklace comes in an adorable little drawstring canvas bag decorated with matching crossed paddles.

Each charm is created by hand.  They will all be slightly unique.  Please enjoy the special charm that you receive, as it is created for you with love.

The perfect petite choice for a dragon diva.


Charm – Silver precious metal clay consists of microscopic particles of pure silver and a water-soluble binder which burns off during firing leaving 99.9% silver (fine silver). Each charm is stamped .999FS to show authenticity.

Chain – We choose to work with silver-filled metal when possible because it allows us to offer top-of-the-line quality at an affordable price.  The term’silver-filled’ refers to a thick outer layer (5% – 10% by weight) of durable sterling silver bonded to high quality white brass.  Silver-filled metal looks just like sterling silver does.  The bonded layer is thick enough to withstand small nicks and it will never wear off.  If you are able to wear sterling silver, you should also be able to wear silver-filled without causing an allergic reaction. It does tarnish just as sterling silver does, but can be polished over-and-over like it’s more expensive cousin, sterling. The clasp is sterling silver.  

More education for you – Sterling Silver consists of 92.5% silver, and the remaining part consists of copper.  

If you're not a paddler and want to know what the heck dragon boating is like.

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