Zyia Activewear

She will feel ready to rally in comfy clothes.


Comfort and cuteness are a must when you need to be Ready to Rally.

Some say that “exercise is medicine.” I definitely believe that exercise relieves stress and stress can cause all sorts of bad things!  Even if your loved one just tries to walk a little bit every day during treatment, she will keep up her strength for the long haul. Its so easy to quit being active after succumbing to the stress of a cancer diagnosis and she will need encouragement to keep  putting one foot in front of the other. She needs to know that she WILL get on the other side of this. 

Why do I recommend Zyia Active brand to get her through this? 

#1 Because it feels nice on your body and her body needs pampering. 

#2 Everyone always feels better when they look better.

#3 For every purchase through timetorallygifts.com  (where you are now) from my Independent Rep website (where the button below will take you), I will donate 100% of my commission to the Time to Rally fund, which is used to purchase small, super-soft throw blankets that are donated to local (Missoula, Montana) cancer centers to be given to patients that need a little extra comfort and love. 

Click below to visit my shop and browse some super comfy and completely adorable workout/leisure wear. 

Your browser will open an new tab and you will be taken to my independent rep website. Please click on SHOP. Please select the event that says SHOP HERE. If you decide to purchase, it is helpful to send an email to admin@timetorally.com letting me know your name. This is also a place for you to get in touch with me with any questions regarding sizing, etc. Thank you for supporting the Time to Rally fund!

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